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Re: Updraft of Light; Scenes from the Journeyi, vol. 15, no. 37

Love this write. Reaches in to me, over here in my life journey.......

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Updraft of Light Your "updraft of light"is in opposition, I can only assume,to the downward pressingblack cloud that is sometimesmy familiar.I used to know, if fleetingly,this updraft of light,which suffused the atmospherewith the possibility of joy.Up is better than down,they would have us believe.Yet the pull of gravity (all downward, as I understand it)is essential to who we are.We fasten our feet to earthwith magnets of consciousness,and it is this awareness that allows us,in our headier moments,to follow the updraft of light.My black cloud pressing down, down,therefore, anchors meand ultimately allows meat timesto be carried by the updraftto a lighter life. Copyright © 2018 Ann Tudor
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